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The Music of Fargo: Scoring a Slaughter CONTAINS SPOILERS



Choosing the right music to score a scene can be a challenge for anyone, but if done correctly it can make the scene. On last night's episode of Fargo, the music was essential to the overall feel of the episode, in particular the scene where Glenn Howerton's character, Don Chumph, is shot to death by the SWAT team that was sent to the house after a report of shots fired. Lorne Malvo taped up Chumph to an exercise bike, making it look as though he was the shooter to the SWAT team.

As the police raided the house, the song being played to what is being shown on screen, Piccola by Adriano Celentanto, directly contrasts the bloody scene with the end result leaving the viewer disturbed, making it unsettling to watch.  

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